No. QuikTrip will assign you to the store that has an opening for your position and best meets your abilities and experience. Every effort will be made to assign you to a location that is reasonably close to where you live.

Yes. QuikTrip stores are always open, which means most store team members will work on weekends. All Store Managers and First Assistant Managers are off on weekends. That's the reward for doing your job well and earning promotions.

If your normally scheduled shift falls on a holiday, you will earn time and a half for most holidays worked, with double-time pay for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

All QuikTrip employees are paid weekly.

It depends entirely on your performance and full time or part time job openings. All store and division operations management positions are filled from internal promotions.

A number of factors are evaluated. Key factors in employee performance are customer service, attendance, cash and inventory accuracy, customer service, teamwork, customer service, work pace and, of course, customer service.

QuikTrip people have developed a real talent for eating on the run. Although our stores are very busy, there's usually time to grab something to eat as long as you don't wait on customers with your mouth full.

QuikTrip provides free work shirts, and khaki slacks and shorts are available at cost. We're also picky about the appearance of the employees who wait on our customers: no beards, goatees, or visible tattoos, body piercing, or tongue posts while on duty at QuikTrip.

Safety is a priority above all other priorities. We take extensive measures to ensure employees and customers enjoy the QT experience with unfaltering confidence.

To begin, new team members receive comprehensive safety and security training. All stores are brightly lit, inside and out, with multiple sophisticated alarms and digital video cameras in place, and specially designed drop safes are accessible only to the armored car service. For additional safety, check stands are raised, providing employees visibility within the store, and windows are clutter-free, providing open visibility from the store to the fuel pumps and street.

Clerks, Assistants and Managers are required to work only their normally scheduled shifts. QuikTrip maintains a relief staff to fill in when people are sick or on vacation. Extra shifts are occasionally available for those who want to volunteer for additional overtime work. All hours worked over 40 during a week are paid at time-and-a-half.