No. The QT App is not connected with our research / survey program.

Click the "unsubscribe" link in any of the survey emails that you receive from QT Insights or email qtinsights@quiktrip.com.

Surveys will go out randomly throughout the year as our needs require it. You may receive a survey that another panel member does not. You may receive a survey once a month, every 3 months, or six months.

Only one coupon is allowed to be redeemed for each survey completed.

The expiration date will be on the coupon.

You may want to ensure that your browser is set to allow "cookies." Supported environment for our surveys and links are Edge, Firefox 3.0, Safari 4.0, Chrome and many mobile environments.

Please ensure that you are attempting to complete the survey from one of these supported browsers.

Yes, our coupons are now mobile friendly. You can still print them as well if you wish.

We ask that each panel member only have one email account listed. If more than one account is found, QT Insights will ask you which account should be deleted before taking action.